How do you manage a group with more than one flight arrival?

How do you manage a group with more than one flight arrival?

Our driver will only meet one flight at one terminal. (Airport parking tolls are a problem!)
Our quoted rates are for immediate pickup and transit of our customers to their destination. (Express Transfers)

If a passenger/s in your group have split arrival times;

Option 1.
Nominate the last flight due to land as the reference flight for the driver, with the passenger on that flight as the primary person for the booking.
Add the preceding flight information and passenger details in the additional information box of the booking form simply for the driver’s information in case the flights are delayed. If all of the group are arriving at the same terminal, then passengers arriving first need to walk to the luggage carousel of the next arriving flight.

If you have a group arriving at different terminals then the passengers arriving first need to make their way via free airport shuttle bus to the terminal where the second later flight is arriving.

Our drivers are not compensated for extra airport parking tolls and waiting times involved in picking up from one flight and then going to another terminal parking and waiting for secondary flights.

Option 2.
Please feel free to get a quote from us for a stop-over in the journey if this is a requirement.
We are happy to assist where we can, waiting rates are $50 per hour or part thereof plus any additional parking fees imposed by the airport.
Waiting rates commence from the second stopping point and cease once the journey starts again.

Please note that for an international flight arrival time you should add 30-60 minutes for passenger processing by customs and immigration.

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