How does your transfer pricing work?

How does your transfer pricing work?

In response to a recent inquiry.

We can best explain it in this way.

The prices are based on a price per transfer not per person.
We are not a bus service, we do not have a price per seat. We are more like a taxi/limo style service.
If you hire a cab to go from A to B, the price is $x.00 that is the total cost for the whole number occupants of the cab.

Group booking examples;
A. If 1-3 occupants book a car for a transfer from Brisbane Airport to the Gold Coast then the total cost is say, $169.
B. For a group transfer for up to 7 occupants in the same car, then the difference is only an extra $20 so $189 total.

Group price differences.

Example A; One Transfer Booking = One car. If one occupant books and travels the price is $169. If three people travel the cost is still $169. 1-3 occupants, same total cost, like a cab.

Example B; If a group of  individuals need a single transfer together, then they pay for the transfer at a slightly higher price to compensate for the “extra large vehicle” running costs.

(If the group of 7 wanted to be picked up at different time intervals from the one location, then separate cars would need to be booked, for each of the different pickup times.  Unless they are to be picked up in the course of one journey but at different locations along that same route without any delays in time.)

It is obviously cheaper to travel together in the one vehicle at the same time. The total cost is borne by the occupants of the car on a per transfer basis.

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