What forms of payment do Express Transfers offer?

What forms of payment do Express Transfers offer?

To get to the payment part;

Firstly make a Quote. Available in the Quote panel on our home page.

Complete the selection of  “TO” and “FROM”, number of passengers, return Yes or No?

Get your quote then select “BOOK NOW”.

Complete your transfer details.

Complete your personal details.

Click “Confirm.”

You will then be presented with a page displaying all the details of the transfer.

You then have two options: “Pay Now” (via online credit card) or “Pay Later.”

The “Pay Now” option. (This is the only option for you, if you are located overseas and want to make a booking online – except N.Z)

We accept; American Express, MasterCard & Visa credit cards.

We will email you a credit card transaction receipt.

The “Pay Later” option. (Additional payment option available for bookings made within Australia & New Zealand)

If you elect to “pay later” to complete your booking. (You will receive an email with some additional options);

  • You can make an EFT via electronic online banking directly from your online banking facility into our bank account. This option can only be used if the EFT is effected seven days prior to the transfer date. OR
  • You can pay the driver, by cash or Cabcharge. Please note we do not accept in-car EFTPOS payments. Some drivers are equipped with credit card facilities but not all, be prepared to pay with cash in all in-car payment situations.

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